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Turn Times

DTF Printing - If your order is placed by 9am Pacific Time, your order will ship the same day in most cases. If your order is placed after 9am, your order will ship he following day.

First Day of Production - (Screen Printing, DTF Pressing & Embroidery)

Our Turnaround begins the day we receive the garments, if it has been received by 12 noon Pacific Time.  After 12:00 noon, the first production day is the following day.


When ordering garments we prefer you choose UPS SHIPPING, since we usually receive UPS deliveries at 10:00AM daily.  Fedex, GSO and other deliveries tend to arrive later in the day, causing your job to be delayed.


It is our goal to produce jobs within 3-5 business days from when garments are received.

This is what we can offer for a 3-5 business day turnaround…

– A maximum of a 2 location print screen printed on up to 500 screen-printed pieces.

– 200 embroidered pieces, 1 location, with a stitch count of 8000 stitches or less. 

– DTG Printing –  A 2 location print of 200 garments or less, or 500 shirts or less with a 1 location print.

Any addition to the above limits, such as a 3rd location print, high quantities, add-ons, such as specialty inks, folding, bagging, tagging, and other required services may extend the production time.

What can be done to help your job go quickly?

– Email us when your garments arrive to us, so we know they are all here.

– Make sure your box arrives to us with your Supreme Job # on the box.

Using your Supreme JOB# as your PO when ordering garments allows the shirt company to add this number to the label of the boxes we receive.

– Provide a detailed mock up.  Include a size list breakdown, ink colors required, ink  and changes required, if applicable.  List the size of the art that it needs to print so we can confirm that we have the accurate size image. List any add-on’s required, such as folding and bagging to your mock up as a reminder of this required work. Include any special notes that apply to your job, and give a brief description of the job as it should be produced, since your mock up is our main source of reference to your order.  For example, “Black ink on the front of white long sleeve shirts”.

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