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Change Order Form

*Notice - By filling out this form, it does not mean that your order WILL be changed. Once you placed your order originally, many tasks have been made towards the production of your order. Separations may have been made, garments may have been counted, screens may have been processed, samples may have been made, your job may have been scheduled for production, and your garments may have even been decorated, etc. This form is simply a request to see if we can still modify your order. In many cases, it is too late. However, we will make an effort to see if your job can be stopped, and reprocessed based on the changes you are requesting below. Once this request is submitted, we will review the change order and contact you to confirm or deny your request. This response may take 24-48 hours to be processed. In many cases, a "CHANGE ORDER" will have a fee depending on the specific change you require. Delays may also be caused based on the change you have as well.

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